A Jewelry Advisors Group-conducted sale can produce sales volume in a matter of weeks equal to or greater than the entire annual volume of the store and will provide the jeweler with the maximum net cash return possible on inventory. Selling your inventory is our primary concern, but we also fill voids in supply to insure all price points are covered.

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At Jewelry Advisors Group, we understand that the jewelry business can be complicated for even the most seasoned business owner and that you only want to partner with the most qualified and trusted professionals. We have the experience and know-how to offer guidance and assistance, whether you’re planning for retirement, closing a store, needing an accurate appraisal, liquidating merchandise, planning a jewelry promotion, or looking for crisis management or turnaround counseling. You’re encouraged to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Frequently asked questions


Q| What type of business is Jewelry Advisors Group?

A | Offering a legacy in sales strategies for jewelers since 1945, Jewelry Advisors Group provides guidance to store owners seeking to turn around a jewelry business, sell off unwanted jewelry inventory, or liquidate an entire store. With offices located in Charleston, South Carolina; New York, New York; and Saskatoon, Canada; the company helps jewelry store owners and chains formulate strategies designed to maximize revenue in times of transition, whether due to retirementstore closing, or simply when looking to increase jewelry sales or run a special promotion.

Q | What types of services does Jewelry Advisors Group?

Jewelry Advisors Group provides the following services as jewelry consultants and jewelry store liquidators:

  • Store closing sales
  • Consolidation sales
  • Liquidation sales
  • Retirement sales
  • Jewelry promotional events
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory appraisals


Q | What types of clients does the company represent?

A | Clients range from small “mom and pop” local stores to large chains.

Q | What kind of sales plan does Jewelry Advisors Group create?

A | Representatives work closely with each client to identify the client’s goals and objectives. From there, a customized sales plan is developed to best suit the client’s business approach, geographic placement, type of store and other factors.

Q | What kinds of results can be expected?

A | There are many factors involved that help determine the goals for each client event. It’s possible for a sales event to achieve a sales volume close to the client’s annual sales in as little as eight weeks. Click here to read more about recent sales.

Q | How are the company's fees structured?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group creates a fee structure that meets the needs of each client, though fees are generally structured in two formats: a commission based upon sales volume or a guaranteed payment upfront based upon a client’s inventory values.


Q | Are there any other fees involved?

A | The only other fee involved is a per diem expense for the field supervisor assigned to the event. Typically, the supervisor receives a normal per diem to help cover his or her daily living expenses.


Q | Who is the field supervisor?

A | The field supervisor is a representative of the company who oversees scheduled events. All of Jewelry Advisors Group’s field supervisors are highly skilled jewelry veterans, and many have at one time owned their own retail stores. They possess substantive sales, motivation, marketing and merchandising skills specific to the jewelry industry. When assigning field supervisors to events, Silverman makes it a point to choose someone who possesses a background similar to the client’s.


Q | How long has Jewelry Advisors Group been in business?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group has been in business since 1945, and its three senior managers possess extensive senior level experience working with jewelry inventory, sales, financial, and business management. As such, Jewelry Advisors Group is able to offer a very high level of expertise in the jewelry business and appraisals and has quantitative results that serve as testimony to their success. Click here to read more about our team.


Q | In what ways does the company differ from its competitors?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group uses a personal, hands-on approach, working closely with each individual store owner to determine the owner’s goals, situation, and best approach to marketing that particular store and its inventory. In contrast to some jewelry liquidators, all plans for sales or business revitalization are designed to fit the individual situation with a strategic, personalized marketing plan developed to maximize profits, not just reduce inventory.


Q | Can Jewelry Advisors Group help provide additional merchandise?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group possesses one of the widest selections of jewelry merchandise available, and because of the large amount of inventory bought Jewelry Advisors Group receives competitive prices and is able to pass those along to clients. The typical margins achieved on the additional goods usually range between 40 and 45%.


Q | What kind of additional merchandise can Jewelry Advisors Group provide?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group‘s New York office at Rockefeller Center is always finding exceptional values, and with a long history in the industry, Jewelry Advisors Group has created formidable relationships with others involved in the trade. We have the ability to bring in high quality merchandise, including merchandise from some of the world’s best designers, as well as promotional goods featuring lower price points to ensure that each client’s customers see the types of goods that are in line with the store’s culture, clientele and inventory history.


Q | Does the company provide a warranty for merchandise provided?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group warranties all of its goods for a period of one year.


Q | Will Jewelry Advisors Group help promote the events planned for clients?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group has an in-house marketing team who will set forth a plan designed to meet each client’s needs.


Q | How does the marketing plan work?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group‘s marketing team will put together a detailed marketing plan based upon the projected sales volume. Clients approve all expenditures and verbiage in the plan prior to placement. As the sale progresses, the marketing team keeps the plan in constant review, making amendments where necessary based upon the results.


Q | Are there any production costs involved with the marketing plan?

A | Since Jewelry Advisors Group prepares the majority of materials in-house, there are no added production costs. If a third party’s services are utilized for any reason, the actual costs for the services of the third party are applied.


Q | Are there any upfront costs?

A | There are no upfront costs. Jewelry Advisors Group provides invoices for the marketing costs as they are incurred, and at times Jewelry Advisors Group will advance funds to cover charges of mailers done prior to the start of the sale. In the event that this occurs, Jewelry Advisors Group will provide an invoice once the event gets underway and cash flow is available.


Q | Do these sales events have a negative impact on the reputation of the client?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group runs many promotional events for jewelers and always works with clients to protect the name and image of each store. These promotional events are designed to create new customers and promote the image and profile that each client has created over the years.


Q | Where is Jewelry Advisors Group located?

A | Jewelry Advisors Group has offices in the following locations.

  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • New York, New York
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (operating as Silverman Chapman & Reese Consulting)

However, our sales team is fully equipped and experienced in operating across North America.


Q | What is the best way to contact Jewelry Advisors Group for more information?

A | More information may be found by by calling Jewelry Advisors Group or clicking here.