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What percentage of your fellow National Jeweler subscribers’ ad budgets will be allocated to TV?
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Jewelry advertising trends

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In a recent poll conducted by Edison Research, 1,753 Americans were asked which, among the Internet, television, radio or newspapers, is the most essential to their lives. The results were as follows:

  • 42% favored the Internet
  • 37% favored television
  • 14% favored radio
  • 5% favored newspapers.

The survey further asked respondents whether they favor television or the Internet more. The percentages by age group that favored the Internet over television were as follows:

Age Percent favoring Internet
12-17 63%
18-24 72%
25-34 62%
35-44 53%
45-54 41%
55-64 39%
65+ 22%

In addition, 49% of those polled believe that newspapers will disappear in the very near future.

May 2010 survey question

About what percentage of your 2010 advertising budget do you plan to spend in the following categories? (The survey results will be anonymous; we will keep your identity private.)

Direct mail













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